Mike Michalak

Mike’s been around Northwoods media a long time, a familiar face on television from 16 years in the news business…his 60-Second Angler program…and finally landing on Hodag Country, WHDG.  He’s an avid fisherman, still doing seminars and sport show appearances across the Midwest when not on the air or running his production company, NorthPro Video.  Active in the community with Downtown Rhinelander, Inc and the Chamber, he enjoys getting outside with the family that now includes four grandkids!  And never tell him you’ll meet up in the morning…if he sleeps LATE it’s 4:30!


We Just Do What We Do…

For over a month the group, Forward Rhinelander conducted a poll to find the, “BEST OF” Rhinelander.  There were 33 categories the public could vote on.  Well, those results were tabulated and at a gathering Wednesday night the winners were announced.  First off, I want to say how proud and humbled I am to be chosen…read more »