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Carly Pearce is one of those rare humans who knew exactly what she wanted do in life by the time she reached age 5. Somewhere back home in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, her family has home video footage of a 4-year-old Pearce saying that one day she will sing on the Grand Ole Opry. She followed... Read more »
When visitors see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum’s new exhibit, Loretta Lynn: Blue Kentucky Girl, they’re lookin’ at country. The new exhibit in downtown Nashville chronicles Lynn’s rise to worldwide fame and recognition from her childhood in Butcher Holler, Kentucky. Among the artifacts on display are several trophies from the CMA, ACM... Read more »
“I’ve only cut one song that I was 100 percent writer on, and through the years, I’ve tried to force myself to write by myself. But it’s so boring. It’s so tough. You’ve got to be crazy focused to do that.” That’s what Luke Bryan said Wednesday (Aug. 23) when he was on iHeart’s Bobby... Read more »
While it is unclear whether Taylor Swift‘s new music will include any country influences, her sixth studio album Reputation arrives Nov. 10, and its lead single lands Thursday (Aug. 24). Swift, whose first pop album 1989 arrived in 2014, announced the new collection on social media Wednesday (Aug. 23) after previous posts on her accounts... Read more »
When David Kent and Kirsti Manna pitched “Austin” to Blake Shelton, they were unknowns. And so was he. But that all changed when Shelton recorded it, released it as his debut single in 2001 and took it to the top of the charts. “They took a chance on me. I took a chance on them,”... Read more »
We get it. Tim McGraw works out. But even though I’ve heard over and over again how he works out, I’ve never really heard McGraw talk about why he works out. “In my early 40s, when I really started taking it seriously, I started running a lot,” McGraw told Men’s Fitness. “That’s the first thing... Read more »
The best part about listening to Old Dominion is hearing how the band’s music turns everyday life on its head and makes it more meaningful. Everything that happens around members Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Whit Sellers, Geoff Sprung and Brad Tursi serves as a perpetual source of inspiration for their music. This practice is exhibited... Read more »

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