Penny Mitchell

I grew up absolutely ENAMORED of radio.  I could not get enough.  I wasn’t allowed to have a phone (landline) or a TV (three channels) in my room, so when I was in my room by myself, I was truly by myself.  I was a complete bookworm and in my room a LOT, and quickly discovered that if I felt a little lonely, all I had to do was turn on the radio.  Boom.  Fixed.  Literally one flick of a switch, and I was no longer alone.  It was the best magic trick I’ve ever encountered.  Still is.


My very first radio job was in 1982 at KCCY FM in Pueblo, Colorado, about 45 minutes away from my hometown of Canon City.  It was a country station (and still is!) and I was playing vinyl 45s of George Jones and Merle Haggard and this brand new guy named George Strait.  I’ve been so blessed to spend almost all of my career in country radio.  The artists are accessible and friendly, and the listeners are THE BEST. 


My husband and I decided to not have kids, and instead are putting our veterinarian’s children through school.  I attempt to play flute, piano and guitar and do all of them with a stunning level of mediocrity.  I enjoy doing artsy stuff on the side and have made tens of dollars at it.


I’m so happy to be at WHDG…best staff and listeners in the world!