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from the Oneida County Humane Society is brought to you by Northwoods Pets, in the Hobby Lobby Plaza, 2134 Lincoln Street, Rhinelander

Aurora - 4-7-2020

Meet Aurora – Hodag Country Critter for 4-7-2020

A cat hasn’t been the Country Critter of the week lately, so let’s feature one today! This is Aurora. She’s a small five-year-old black and white domestic shorthair mix, and according to the folks at the Oneida County Humane Society, she’s quite the doll! Due to the recent pandemic of Covid19, the Oneida County Humane…read more »

Lady - 3-24-2020

Meet Lady – Hodag Country Critter for 3-24-20

This week’s Hodag Country Critter is a two-and-one-half-year-old Sheppard Mix named Lady! If you’re looking for a cute new companion, call the Oneida County Humane Society to make an appointment to see Lady. Please read the message below from the Oneida County Humane Society (dated 3/21/2020) We would like to thank our community and supporters…read more »

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