When Are You Officially Old?

When Are You Officially Old?

I’m the oldest one in the building…which I’m constantly reminded of. And if you think the phrase, “respect your elders” applies to radio, you’d be wrong. I find I can’t take the heat anymore and it’s always a treat when I hear, “my grampa used to watch you on TV”. Well, umm…thank you, I guess.

A Reddit thread on Sunday asked: “What was the moment where you thought, ‘I’m getting old’?” Some of the answers included:

– When I couldn’t sleep without hurting something on me.
– One year I didn’t get any socks for Christmas and was disappointed
– When I was older than my doctor.
– Went back to my university town for a wedding. Group of friends went to the club we all used to go, left in shock 5min
later because everyone there looked about 12 years old. Ended up going to the ‘oldies pub’ instead.
– Not one moment. But anytime I hear a song I grew up with played on a oldies or classic station
– My wife and I had a 20-minute long discussion about fiber. That was it. We were officially old right then.
– When the new person I was training at work told me she was born in 2002.
– When I saw three rookies start playing in Major League baseball and realized that I saw all their fathers play as well.
– Teenagers have started to call me “Mr.”, and not ironically.
– When I started a sentence with “Well, before the Internet, we used to…”

On the plus side, at least vinyl records are making a comeback!

– MM