The New Era of Weddings

The New Era of Weddings

I’ve cut back dramatically from shooting video for weddings and I’ve done that for a couple reasons. First of all, I’m getting too old to tote around all that gear and follow these kids around all over the place. Secondly, I’m tired of fighting with every stinkin’ cell phone that gets in the way of my shots. I’ve even asked the celebrants to tell people to keep their butts in the seats and let me and photographer do our jobs. I’ve shot weddings for more than 30 years and there’s little I haven’t seen. But we live in a new age now.

Social distancing is necessary as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and the measure means large, conventional weddings will by unfeasible for the foreseeable future. Several wedding planners spoke to the Huffington Post, and gave their predictions for the top ways weddings will be different. Jove Meyer of Jove Meyer Events in New York City says there will no longer be huge tables of appetizers for people to take themselves, but likely small plates with portions for one or two people on them instead. Another wedding planner says cocktail hour might be cut entirely, and if a couple does have one it would likely feature layouts with more small seating groups. Paige Blatt of Geller Events predicts that caterers will focus on serving pre-portioned plates as opposed to buffets or family style meals. Other predictions: receptions will be shorter and may not include dancing, outdoor weddings will be more popular, indoor weddings will be held in larger venues, fewer guests will be seated at each table, face masks will be common sights, hand sanitizer will be readily available, fewer vendors and staff will work the event, and of course cleaning procedures will be more stringent.

I still get requests but I’m now very picky and now have to adjust to this “new norm”. I really am getting to old for all this.

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