Political Ramblings…

Political Ramblings…

Your political persuasion doesn’t matter, the action by Nancy Pelosi at the end of the State of the Union address Tuesday night was low class.  And I’m being polite.

Now, we all know there’s no love lost between her and President Donald Trump but she’s the Speaker of the House for cryin’ out loud and the display of ripping up a copy of the speech in dramatic fashion in front of the world clearly demonstrated the pure contempt she has for Trump.  Now, he’s not beyond criticism either, seemingly rebuffing a handshake from her earlier.  I don’t see those two ever doing something for the common good together.  So much for bi-partisanship.

Pelosi is the face of the Democratic Party and acted like an infant.  A spoiled infant.  No matter what you think of the President, he still IS the Commander in Chief.  And, in the Assembly chamber there is supposed to be an air of decorum.  This is how far we’ve progressed in Washington?  The State of the Union address is not a campaign stump speech.  Again, Republican or Democrat, there are some things you just don’t do and that was one of them.   It’s like opposing parties staying seated from time-to-time as a show of solidarity.  That’s just “playing” politics and it’s been going on forever.

I also don’t agree with Trump’s choice of his awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh.  The ultra- conservative radio host is controversial to say the least, and he’s very good at it, making millions.  He’s also got millions of followers.  There are also millions that don’t.  Bottom line, it’s divisive.  Just another demonstration of the way things are in the capitol these days.

Folks, this is not a problem we’re going to change with personnel in DC.  We’ve got the old guard, entrenched in their positions and we’ve already seen what some of the new crop is bringing in. There’s got to be a cultural change and that certainly isn’t going to start in Washington.  Change is painstakingly slow there.  It’s time for the people to step up and step in.  Get involved at the local level because THAT’S where things begin to change.  It’s not Democrats.  It’s not Republicans or whatever party.  It’s Americans.  I may not see it in my lifetime but for the sake of my kids and grand kids, I hope and pray they do.

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