Halftime Chatter

Halftime Chatter

The day after the Kansas City Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win in 50 years the internet was a buzz with what happened at halftime.  Now, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are extremely good looking and talented women.  And all I know is every red-blooded, American male was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction of some sort as the two gyrated all over the place.  I’ll never look at a bowl of Jello the same again!

The comments were mixed with both men and women sharing the wonder of what they were watching.  Some good, some not.  There’s were comparisons made to last year’s appearance by Maroon 5 with their lead singer Adam Levine stripping off his shirt.  But you couldn’t tell because of the 237 tattoos.

Is this what, “entertainment” is nowadays?  Am I just getting too old?  It must be the latter because I was winded just watching.  It was a good game, though.


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