Crandon Off-Road Loses a Legend…

Crandon Off-Road Loses a Legend…

His was the face seen for decades by the greatest off-road racers in the world. For more than 40 years, Herb Rosio and his famed white Stetson made sure all was well for both Pro and Sportsman drivers before setting them loose on Crandon’s legendary Landrush start. 

Sadly, that iconic tradition is now relegated to the past as Rosio — far better known by his nickname of “Cowboy” — died last Sunday after suffering a massive heart attack. 

Rosio will be best remembered for his signature run from vehicle to vehicle at the Crandon starting line, pointing and making eye contact with each competitor before they took to the course. Thousands of Crandon racers were safer for this simple, but memorable service, which was also seen and mentioned in countless television shows and live streams emanating from the “Big House.” 

Along with his role at the race track, Rosio will also be fondly remembered by the Crandon community for his multiple interests including making maple syrup, gardening, photographing mushrooms, motorcycling, snowmobiling, four wheeling and especially spending time with family.


(Courtesy of Renn Sports Group)