Where’s the Pumpkin?

Where’s the Pumpkin?

I love some of the memes online that depict pumpkin spice motor oil or anti-freeze.  Hilarious!

Have you caved to the Pumpkin Spice Latte madness? Starbucks invented the drink back in 2003, and now it seems we literally cannot have autumn without it. But what exactly is in the drink? It didn’t contain any pumpkin until 2015, after people got in a huff about it. And that it now only contains a small amount of “pumpkin puree” which isn’t even made of classic field pumpkins– it’s mostly a combination of sweeter, hard-skinned winter squashes like butternuts and hubbards. The “pumpkin spice sauce” that gets pumped into your espresso also contains sugar, condensed milks, and annatoo (a pigment meant to give the drink a ‘natural’ yellowy orange color.)

As for the spice, the drink is topped with about 10 percent real spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, and ginger), while the other 90 percent is synthetic chemicals and preservatives, containing over 340 flavor compounds. Mostly your “P-S-L” just contains sugar.  I’m sure dentists love this time of year, too!

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