Avoiding Rummage Sales

Avoiding Rummage Sales

It’s that time of year again.  The lakes are open, potholes outnumber the city residents, temperatures are creeping closer to normal and rummage sales are popping up like mushrooms.  Those are all good things…UNLESS you’re unfortunate enough to be driving behind someone on the hunt for a bargain.

Now, I’m not saying everyone that stops at the sales drive poorly, and I’m being polite, but the average isn’t good.  Just this last weekend on a trip up to Land o’ Lakes I’m on three state highways for quite a stretch and passed at least a dozen well-signed locations.  Following a woman, going about 42 in a 55 when a sign appears out of the springtime growth at the side of the road.  BRAKES!!  Had to hit the binders as they slowed to a crawl to READ THE SIGN!!  At a snail’s pace she proceeds the next few hundred feet, parks on the highway with all four door of the car suddenly opening, including those on the driver’s side ride in my path.  No looking.  Just exiting.

Fast forward about three minutes.  An old pickup chugging right along when all of a sudden it makes a hard left and into the driveway of another sale.  No directional.  No brakes, just a hairpin turn.  Surprised they didn’t take out a few display tables in the process!

Moving up the road, clear sailing when I see a bunch of vehicles lining both sides of the highway.  I slow down just as a car blows out of the driveway just in front of me.  BRAKES!  This time I hit the horn and see a bunch of people gawk at a near collision.  This woman putts along for about 60 seconds and again, no blinker, hits the gravel and stops at another event.  She does wait to open her door, however.  There were two more instances like this before I even hit Lando.

I think I’m going to write my state representative and make the case for a special license for people who drive to rummage sales.  It’s either that or mental help because they lose all common sense while pointing their vehicle in the direction of getting something for next to nothing.


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