Have a Stress Free Holiday

'Tis the season of joy, family, friends, get-togethers and, unfortunately, more pressure than most humans can tolerate! Want to get through the season with your sanity fully intact? Fear not --here are seven tips for a stress-free holiday get-together!
   1. Don't be a perfectionist. Sorry, but those amazing picturesque celebrations only exist in Hallmark movies and Pinterest. Keep an open mind, embrace any mishaps and try to remain grateful that you're surrounded by loved ones.
   2. Clean up the common areas. Organize, declutter and clear out the entryway, living room and lounge areas. Add floor cushions or foldable chairs for extra seating and consider investing in chair covers for those inevitable spills.
   3. Prep as much as possible ahead of time. Set the table if you have a dining area, keep decor sweet and simple and chop veggies or marinate meat in advance.
   4. Create different social zones. Having one common area could get cramped quite fast, so add some chairs or blankets by a fire outdoors and a drink cart outside the kitchen. 
   5. Plan an activity for down time. Keep board games handy, set up a S'mores station or craft area for DIY ornaments or cookie decorating.
   6. Take mindful breaks for yourself. Go for a walk if you're overwhelmed, take a bath or relax with some comfy pillows on your bed.
   7. Be prepared for overnight guests. Stock the bathroom with supplies, right down door and WiFi codes and sleep in the bed to make sure it's comfy.