Real Life Halloween Horrors!

   --Werewolf transformationClinical lycanthropy is a real delusional condition that leads the patient to believe that he or she really is turning into a werewolf. it is happening for real. Since 1850, there have been 13 reported cases of lycanthropy in human patients. The condition usually occurs in people diagnosed with other medical conditions like schizophrenia, psychotic depression (when depression becomes so bad that the patient has a break with reality) or bipolar disorder. 

   --Sleep paralysis happens when a person wakes up during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. That's when we dream. But with sleep paralysis, you're dreaming, dreaming, but paralyzed. The inability to move during dreams might be an adaption to keep people from acting out their dreams. 

   --Real-life vampire: After experiencing several traumatic events, a man in Turkey began drinking blood, just like a mythical vampire. The man started by cutting himself and drinking his own blood. But soon, his compulsion drove him to attack other people with sharp objects so he could drink their blood, too. Doctors diagnosed the man with dissociative identity disorder (commonly known as multiple personality disorder), post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic depression and alcohol abuse, 

   --Toothy tumor: Some Halloween monsters have teeth growing in unexpected places. The horrifying condition became a reality for a four-month-old infant in Maryland, whose brain had several teeth growing in it! The child had a tumor known as cranio-phar-y-n-gi-oma, which can grow to the size of a golf ball. Doctors removed it during a successful surgery. Other tumors, known as teratomas are also known to grow teeth. 

   --A real "zombie" outbreak struck a New York neighborhood after people there started taking a type of synthetic marijuana known as AK-47 24 Karat Gold. People who took the drug developed zombie-like symptoms, including a slow response time to questions and staring blankly into space, 

    --Sweating blood: We learned about this just a couple days ago...A 21-year-old woman in Italy sweats blood, and her case has baffled doctors. The woman told doctors that for the past three years, she had periodically bled from her face and palms, even though she didn't have any cuts there. These episodes lasted between 1 and 5 minutes, she said. Her condition is believed to be aggravated by stress,

   --Terrifying hallucinations: A 67-year-old woman told her family that she was seeing faces hovering around her. Her relatives wanted asked a priest to perform an exorcism. But those faces weren't demons. She had a rare condition called had Charles Bonnet syndrome. It occurs when a person who is losing their vision sees complex hallucinations. This woman's vision was worsening due to macular degeneration. When the brain lacks a sensory input its accustomed to receiving, it can invent its own output in the form of hallucinations.

   --Vampire bats don't usually prey on humans, but one species of the bat does. In a nightmare case, a man in Brazil was bitten by a vampire bat and died of rabies. Rabies can be stopped if it's caught and treated early enough. But it wasn't soon enough for this guy.

   --Zombie beetles are real. They're caused by a creepy fungus that turns the beetles into real-life zombies that can move after they've died. The fungus attacks the goldenrod soldier beetle After about two weeks of infection, the fungus prompts the beetle to climb to a flower and bite down on it with its mouth before it dies. Then, hours after the beetle's death, the yellow, spongy fungus grows out of the beetle's abdomen, and somehow causes the beetle's wings to open, just like the living dead. Once the dead beetle's wings are spread, the fungus is better able to infect other beetles in the flower stand.

   --Crazy cat ladies are real, thanks to the cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii. It's found in all cats and was 1.5 times more likely to attempt suicide than women who do not have the parasite.