The Wedding Planner

In my other life, my alter-ego is a wedding videographer and I've notice trends after shooting these things for more than 30 years.  Bottom line, smaller is better and for a number of good reasons.  Here are just a few:

Reasons to do a (much) smaller wedding: 

Wedding season is in full swing with crazed brides worrying about everything from canapes to seating charts, wacky DJ's and --of course --money! Surprisingly enough, you can have a romantic, beautiful affair without inviting 200 of your not-so-closest friends. Here are seven reasons to throw a teeny, tiny affair!

   1. It's *way* easier to plan. Wedding planning should be fun, but is a full-time job when the cake tasting is over. A small wedding means easy problems, like moving a dozen people inside instead of several dozen just in case it rains.

   2. You can focus more on the details. You won't have to scrimp on the details and will probably pull off the Pinterest-perfect day you've dreamed about.

   3. Your guests can actually get to know each other. The families can bond during the event --a very good thing considering they'll likely be sharing grandchildren one day.

   4. It's a great excuse to use for people who didn't get invited. Some people will be upset, but having a low cutoff number numbs the burn.

   5. You can be totally vulnerable. Hate being the center of attention or crying in public? The pressure goes way down knowing that very few people will see you in such a sensitive state.

   6. You're less likely to get Wedding Day Amnesia. Big affairs are fabulous, but short! Ask any bride that's spent a fortune on her big day and she'll attest that it went by "so fast." A private shindig means you'll enjoy everyone's company.

   7. You can celebrate in other ways. You can always throw a casual party at a bar, restaurant or your home to include loved ones that didn't make the final cut. 

If you're in this group...congratulations!

- MM