Gadgets for Dad's Day!

12 gadgets that will make perfect gifts for Father's Day or graduation: 
   1. Star Wars Pizza Cutter. Get a good dose of cheese, fat, carbs and The Force for just 10-bucks. 
   2. Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights. 55-dollars will help keep your loved one safe on those evenings jogs.
   3. The Taster Homebrew Beer Kit. Turn your kitchen into a brewery for 99-dollars.

   4. BB-8 Life-size LED Floor Lamp. Geeks will love waking up to this 130-dollar droid.
   5. Mountain buggy. Think unicycle for toddlers --it's a parent-pushed contraption that will allow your child some freedom from the stroller for 99-bucks.
   6. Lighted Grill Tools Gift Set. These babies are perfect when you're craving a wiener after a long day at the lake and will set you back 80-big ones.

   7. Expressive Cyclist Lights. 
   8. Convertabrief. Tired of hiding your passion for adventure under that suit and tie? Go for a hike after five with a briefcase that turns into a backpack. $199.
   9. A personalized barbeque set. Let your king feel like he's mastered the grill for just 50-bucks.

   10. Mymiggo. Give that 700-dollar cell phone a camera that really works! This attachment will let your iPhone capture modern-day masterpieces.
   11. The RC Zamboni Machine Cooler. Capture the heart of that hockey fan with a great drink and $399.
   12. Classic Drink Mixer. Think 1950's milkshake mixer that can also handle pancakes and other culinary delights. $149.