For the Ladies...

8 beauty rules CARRIE UNDERWOOD lives by, according to PeopleStyle

   --Give your skin a healthy glow with a combination healthy glow make-up and gradual self-tanner.

   --Play around with your make-up. Carrie says, "Makeup is meant to be fun and make you feel good about yourself... Find some random Sunday when you're really not going anywhere and give it a shot because it takes a little practice. But just play!"

   --Use make-up you're comfortable with. Carrie says Use Makeup You're Comfortable With. Carrie says her eye make "is a confidence builder."

   --Maintain your manicure. Carrie says it's "the only thing I splurge on." She said, "You just feel nicer when you have your nails done."

   --Don't overpluck your eyebrows, As a child of the 1990s, Carrie did what so many 90s teens did --plucked their browns to within an inch of their lives. Carrie says hers "never really grew back the way they were supposed to so now I am very happy that they do have eyebrow pencils, so I can fix what I did to myself when I was young."

  --Consolidate your cosmetics. Keep it simple for traveling: one eye shadow palette instead of 5,000 different eye colors. "I keep it simple, especially traveling, I can't have like 5,000 different eye shadows and stuff like that. So I do love a great eye palette."

   --Embrace your flaws. Carrie says she regrets getting rid of the freckles on her face because kids at school teased her at school. Now, Carrie says, she would be, "better at embracing that uniqueness. We're all human."