Grammy's a waste of time

I enjoyed taking the pickles out of the 'fridge more...

What a joke!  Award shows should now come with a disclaimer at the top that the opinions express do not represent the people who buy the junk they're calling music nowadays.  Or maybe in some cases it does, and that's a big part of the problem.  

I turned the broadcast off after only 13 minutes, having already had enough of the president bashing and pipeline protest hype.  The "Best New Artist" winner, Chance the Rapper said they could play the music all they want, "I'm still talking".  He did, but didn't say anything.  "Best"?  Hardly.  I looked up the methods used to make these selections and you have to be an MIT graduate to figure it out and have the patience of a saint to crawl through more than the 20,000 submissions they normally get.  

In our country categories, Maren Morris took only one of her four nominations, taking the award for Best Country Solo Performance with, "My Church".  

Best Country Song was Tim McGraw's, "Humble and Kind", written by Lori McKenna who scored a win last year by winning for, "Girl Crush".

The next two I also had a problem with.  Now Dolly Parton notwithstanding, but her "duet" with Pentatonix (who I really like!) didn't deserve their Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance.  This is a classic example of how online "performances" are taking the music out of radio.  

And Sturgill Simpson for the album, "A Sailor's Guide To Earth"????  The voters took a page from the Chris Stapleton page of last year.  Another "insider" that doesn't get terrestrial radio play.  I mean, the guy isn't even our music library!  And he wins a Grammy?  Sure, he's got experience but geez, guys!  

Jennifer Lopez got some light applause when she said to let the music do the talking.  Obviously no one took it heart last night.  

- MM