The "Big Game" Wrap Up

So, it's all over.  I was beefing most of last week about not watching because I really wasn't interested.  But, I'm a fan of the sport so I thought, what the heck...and I was rooting for the Falcons.  Then the meltdown happened for Super Bowl 51:
Before the Super Bowl... Original "Hamilton" stars RENEE ELISE GOLDSBERRY, PHILLIPA SOO and JASMINE CEPHAS JONES added a twist to "America the Beautiful" as they added the words "and sisterhood" after the familiar "crown thy good with brotherhood" during their performance.
   Afterward, LUKE BRYAN sang the National Anthem, which clocked in at two minutes and four seconds; the over/under from prop betting sites was one minute 58 seconds, so he was over.

Former PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH did the coin toss after being wheeled out on the field in a wheelchair, followed closely by his wife, BARBARAIt came up heads.

The game: 
The New England Patriots, behind quarterback TOM BRADY, won their fifth Super Bowl in Houston yesterday --in the league's first overtime Super Bowl game.
   A wild, second-half comeback after being down 28-3 at the half brought them to a tie score of 28-28, thanks to a couple of touchdowns with two-point-after scores. Then, in overtime, with the momentum all on the Patriots' side, they marched down the field one more time and scored, giving Brady his fourth Super Bowl MVP award.
   The greatest comeback ever? If not, it certainly is up there, and Brady was the guy who managed it, hitting 43 of 62 passes for 466 yards and two touchdowns.
   One of those passes, which was caught by JULIAN EDELMAN an inch off the ground could have been the catch of the year. But was it all Brady? Not if you ask him: "We all brought each other back," he said later. "We never felt out if it. It was a tough battle."

Lady Gaga Halftime Show:
See Music, above. Reaction on Twitter: 
   --"I'm one of 100 million #SuperBowl fans that just went #Gaga for the Lady, & her message to all of us." HILLARY CLINTON
   --I'm gagging over @ladygaga and her halftime show. She was everything. Creative and fearless and inclusive. Loved. NEIL PATRICK HARRIS
   --"This performance is like 4000 awesome gifs strung together." MINDY KALING
   --"I want jumping gifs stat! Bravo @ladygaga." KATY PERRY
   --"Lady Gaga just went for more yards in the air than the Patriots have so far. :(" JOSH GONDELMAN
   --"Dancing hard. Singing live. Ends it catching a football! I always liked #Gaga. Now I love her. Sorry not sorry. That was freakin' awesome." CHRIS PRATT
   --"@ladygaga you killed that!!!!" BRUNO MARS

The Super Bowl Commercials: 
"Entertainment Tonightranked the Super Bowl commercials themselves... no audience reaction. These were their top 15:
15. Bai, Starring Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken 
14. Busch, "BUSCHHHHHH" 
13. Intel, "Brady Everyday" Starring Tom Brady 
12. Lexus LC, "Man and Machine" 
11. Budweiser, "Born the Hard Way" 
10. Kia Nero, "Hero's Journey" Starring Melissa McCarthy 
9. Wix, Starring Gal Gadot and Jason Statham 
8. Snickers, Live Commercial Starring Adam Driver 
7. Mr. Clean, "Cleaner of Your Dreams" 
6. Skittles 
5. Ford, "Go Further" 
4. Tide, "Gronk's Cleaners Discount" Starring Jeffrey Tambor and Rob Gronkowski 
3. T-Mobile, Starring Justin Bieber and Terrell Owens 
2. Buick, Starring Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr  
1. Audi, "#DriveProgress" 

Puppy Bowl: 
It was never close during the Puppy Bowl as Team Fluff won by a huge, 93-38 margin in the highest-scoring Puppy Bowl ever. The MVP was Rory, a poodle-terrier mix, who scored three touchdowns for Team Fluff in the first quarter alone. Team Fluff was leading at the half, 52-31.
   The halftime show featured Kitty Gagain her infamous meat dress, and the Chicago Rock Cats.

Kitten Bowl: 
The Home and Family Felines beat the Last Hope Lions, 35-31, on the last play of the game when Noodle scored the game-winning touchdown. The great thing is that all the "players" in the Kitten Bowl found loving homes through the Hallmark Channel's partnership with the North Shore Animal League on Long Island, NY; the world's largest no-kill shelter.

On a final note...Tom Brady did NOT desrerve the MVP award.  Former Badger James White broke TWO Super Bowl records and tied another one.  HE deserved it.

- MM