2020 Politics

2020 Politics

My brother is the Mayor of Hartford, Wisconsin and the two of us can get into some pretty heady political conversations.  He has a great mind for this stuff and put out an open letter on the upcoming elections.  An interesting read…

View From The Back Bench
2020 Democrat Presidential Nominee

After watching all of the Democrat Presidential Debates to date, I am convinced
that the future nominee who will face President Trump in the 2020 general election is
not on the stage. I’m a part-time mayor and county supervisor married to a dues-paying
AFO-CIO member, who met Karl Rove the day after the last Democrat debate at a
speech he gave at Ripon College. Rove believes the candidate will come from the
candidates currently in the race. I bet him a Wisconsin fish fry that it will be someone
else. Rove took the bet.

Here are five reasons which will cause grassroots Democrats to reach beyond
the current group of candidates at their national convention in Milwaukee in order to
produce an electable candidate, as well as listing seven individuals who could break
through and make this a real race.
The far-left within the Democrat Party have pushed the current crop of candidates so far
out of the mainstream that they have become unelectable. Here’s why:

1) Medicare for All – It will bankrupt the country and force too many families off of
their current healthcare plan. Many have fought hard to get those benefits and
do not want the government to take over healthcare.

2) Immigration – Legal immigration, you bet. Illegal immigration, no. Open borders
are a threat to our national security and depress wages.

3) Third-Trimester Abortion – Taxpayer-funded abortions up to the day of delivery is
not something the vast majority of Americans will accept.

4) Lack of Support for Law Enforcement – Our police forces may have problems,
but who doesn’t. These men and women are all that stand between us and
anarchy and deserve our support, not our distain.

5) Green New Deal – The American people aren’t stupid. We’ve already done more
for clean water and clean air than any other country on earth. If China and India
don’t match our efforts, the earth will have further challenges. We have more
than 12 years and fearmongering will divide us, not unite us.

Here are seven people who could take the Democrat nomination and give President
Trump a run for his money. They are listed alphabetically by first name with their ages
what they will be as of the November 2020 election:

1) Al Gore (72) – He is a Harvard graduate, an Army veteran, and a climate activist.
If any of Bill Clinton’s abilities rubbed off giving Gore the skill to avoid committing
to most of the extreme ideology currently in play, he’d have a chance.

2) Hillary Clinton (73) – American political columnist Mark Shields said it best when
he claimed that the only antidote for former presidential candidates to cure their
urge to be president is embalming fluid. Hillary has a machine in place. Don’t
count her out.

3) Mark Cuban (62) – He’s got looks. He’s got money. He’s got TV exposure on
Shark Tank. If I were Mark, I’d take a ride UP the escalator with the claim “We
can do better….”

4) Michelle Obama (56) – Michelle is on everyone’s list so this should be no
surprise. With a new book out she is acting like a candidate. However, given all
of the inquiries currently going on, her last name may not be to her advantage
depending what comes up over the next year.

5) Oprah Winfrey (66) – It’s Oprah! Are you kiddin’ me? Seriously, she has name
recognition that eclipses Hillary. She has money. And she’s Oprah….

6) Penny Pritzker (61) – Here’s my dark horse candidate. Pritzker served as
President Obama’s Secretary of Commerce with a 97-1 confirmation vote in the
Senate. She’s a marathon runner. She has money. She could come out of
nowhere and blindside an opponent.

7) Tom Steyer (63) – Tom is cashing in his chips by joining the current Democrat
presidential candidates on stage for the next debate. He will be forced to
swallow the current far-left orthodoxy which could override this personal wealth
advantage. If he’d stay at arm’s length for now, he’d have a better shot.

Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney is predicting a Trump win in 2020 with as many
as 45 states on board due to Democrat impeachment overreach and an ensuing public
backlash. If the Democrats don’t connect with Middle America, they’ll be on the outside
looking in with the House of Representatives seriously in play.

Timothy C. Michalak
Hartford, WI
Last name pronounced “ma-‘ha-lek”