Rhinelander School Changes

Rhinelander School Changes

JWMS and RHS are incredibly pleased to introduce W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs ) at the middle school and Link Crew at the high school! These partner programs belong to The Boomerang Project, an international organization whose goal is to support schools in creating the structures that make school communities welcoming and supportive through peer to peer mentorship.

The first day of school will look much different than in the past!

  • On Tuesday, September 3, only those incoming sixth graders will attend JWMS and only those incoming ninth graders will attend RHS.
  • WEB and Link Crew Student Leaders will also attend on Tuesday, September 3 with their mentees.
  • All other grade level students from JWMS (7&8) and RHS (10-12) will not attend on this day and will have their first day Wednesday, September 4.
  • Elementary schools will not be affected.
  • All buses will run as usual.

Who should attend on this day?

Tuesday, September 3 Wednesday, September 4
JWMS ·         All sixth graders

·         All student WEB        Leaders

·         All JWMS students 6-8
RHS ·         All ninth graders

·         All student Link Crew Leaders

·         All RHS students 9-12

Both JWMS and RHS have exciting activities planned for their respective students at each building that Tuesday

including an orientation, mock schedules, tours, and opportunities to experience their new school environment!

These changes are occurring because educational research shows that the transition into middle school and into high school is difficult for many adolescents. The difficulty can stem from stressors related to concerns about peer social interactions, uncertainty of academic expectations, or even their changing identities.

Additionally, research has shown that a child’s potential to learn is increased when they feel safe, supported, and

connected to their environment. These positive experiences increase the chance of academic and social success. A strong educational support system and a positive school culture are essential to greater success for all students.

Creating a structure that centers on peer mentorship and support welcomes students from the very first day until their last. This structure validates and honors their identities and gives them a pathway to be successful not only

academically but socially and emotionally as well. This results in the increased positive and inclusive behaviors desired in our school communities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s school. JWMS Phone: 715-365-9220, RHS Phone: 715-365-9500.