We Just Do What We Do…

We Just Do What We Do…

For over a month the group, Forward Rhinelander conducted a poll to find the, “BEST OF” Rhinelander.  There were 33 categories the public could vote on.  Well, those results were tabulated and at a gathering Wednesday night the winners were announced.  First off, I want to say how proud and humbled I am to be chosen as the, “Best Media Personality“.  It means so much to be recognized for just doing what we do.  I’m equally proud to work so close (as all of us here at WHDG are) with the Hodag Country Festival, voted, “Best Annual Event“.  Congrats to the family and the thousands of fans that join us every year!

Here are the, “Best Of” winners:

Best Place For a Walk In The Woods:  Hanson Lake

Best Media Personality:  Mike Michalak

Best Place to Listen to Music:  ArtStart

Best Annual Event:  Hodag Country Festival

Best Place to Share a Dessert:  Briq’s Softserve at Jet’s Dairy Bar

Best Place to Take Out of Towners:  CT’s Deli

Best Activity for Teens:  Rouman Cinema

Best Fish Fry:  (TIE) Al Gen & Beachcomber

Best Place to Go Boating/Kayaking/Canoeing:  Boom Lake/Wisconsin River

Best Place to Go Pontooning/Partyboating:  Boom Lake/Rhinelander Flowage

Best Place For A First Kiss:  Hodag Park

Best Sporting Event to Attend:  RHS Football Games

Best View of the Tiffany-Domed Courthouse:  Davenport Street looking east

Best Happy Hour:  Rhinelander Cafe’ & Pub

Best Place to Go For a Bike Ride:  Bearskin Trail

Best Place for Outdoor Winter Fun:  Northwood Golf Course

Best Day Trip:  Bond Falls

Best First Sign of Spring:  Robins

Best Place to Celebrate a Special Occasion:  Holiday Acres Three Coins Restaurant

Best Old Fashioned:  Rhinelander Cafe’ & Pub

Best Place to People Watch:  Wal Mart

Best Place to Meet Someone For Lunch:  CT’s Deli

Best Way to Unwind:  Chill out at home

Best Beach:  Buck Lake

Best Radio Station:  WXPR

Best Family Friendly Event:  Fourth of July

Best Place to Propose:  Hodag Park

Best Place to Eat With Kids:  Culver’s

Best Park or Rec Area:  Hodag Park

Best Place to Buy a Gift:  Lattitudes

Best Bloody Mary:  CT’s Deli

Best Thing About Rhinelander:  The People

What Do You Wish Was in Rhinelander:  Target

Be sure to check out Forward Rhinelander (www.forwardrhinelander.com) and discover how you can, “Live.  Seek.  Explore”  Congrats to all the winners!


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