Packers/Bears Game A Roller Coaster Ride I Don’t Wanna Take Again

Packers/Bears Game A Roller Coaster Ride I Don’t Wanna Take Again

To those of you who decided to switch the channel at the half of the Packers-Bears game Sunday night, shame on you. And you know it, too.

Sunday’s season and home opener was supposed to be a textbook Packers/Bears game at Lambeau, right? The Packers run up the score to around 90 points, while the Bears rack up two or three field goals. Rodgers leaves the game midway through the fourth quarter because the lead is so insurmountable that there’s no way Chicago can catch up. Yup, the Bears Still Suck.

But it didn’t start that way at all. Yikes. And of course, the Aaron Rodgers injury in the second quarter was the worst type of deja vu. Packers fans, myself included, had thoughts of another losing season in the back of their minds. The backup quarterback (what’s his name again?) was probably thinking these thoughts the most.

A lot of people gave a collective grunt of disgust and depression on social media, myself included. Some either went to bed or turned off the game. After all, Rodgers was carried out on a freaking cart! No way can he return, right?

As we now all know now, Rodgers injury was much less intense than we imagined. Green Bay racked up 24 second-half points to edge Chicago, 24-23. Rodgers’ amazing play despite a very gimpy left knee inspired the rest of the team, while Chicago’s game plan was flawed.

So, the Bears Still Suck. And Aaron Rodgers showed he deserves the pay raise.

And maybe we should all just r-e-l-a-x.


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